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about us

Thank you for stopping by SopranoLabs, the place to find All Natural Handmade Bath and Body Products. My name is Inna Los and I am the founder of SopranoLabs. I formulate and am involved in every step of the production process. Our products are sold in numerous B&M boutiques, spas, gift shops and subscription boxes in USA and Canada. We are women owned/operated business and like to support women :). Our products are indeed natural and we do our best to source only local organic raw materials to make them. Our customers love our 100% recyclable, minimalist and sophisticated packaging.

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100% Satisfied Customers

"Gorgeous + Aromatic!
I am really pleased with these products! Everything arrived safely and nicely packaged. The product packaging and labels are minimalist and very striking. I adore the stunning botanical accents in the oils. They are very aromatic and romantic. They are already a good seller for me! "

Sturgeon Bay, WI

"Fantastic product, fantastic supplier!
Soprano Labs is a fantastic brand to carry. Not only are Inna’s products beautiful, but they smell fantastic! Even more important is the fact that she can turn large orders around quickly and with ease. My company put her under a lot of pressure to ship an order with very little time and she definitely rose to the occasion. 100% would order from her again. Thanks Inna!"

Culver City, CA


Can I resell products on Amazon or other 3rd party marketplaces?
No. Buyers can sell products on their own websites, but are not able to resell products on 3rd party marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. We monitor 3rd party marketplaces and will block violators from purchasing on SopranoLabs

We aren’t open yet. Can I still order?
Unfortunately, SopranoLabs does not work with online stores that are not currently live. We look forward to working with you when you’re up and running! For brick & mortar stores, you may place orders before your official opening; however, we may request additional information to verify that you qualify for wholesale pricing. SopranoLabs is a wholesale platform for retail businesses. At this time, we are unable to fulfill orders for distribution, or personal use.

Does SopranoLabs offer drop shipping?
Unfortunately at this time, we do not support drop shipping to retailers. Upon signing up, you will need to provide a valid, physical address to receive the product that you order on our site.


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